CHF Media Fund


The CHF Media Fund will invest in companies which each individually own the intellectual property rights to a new family entertainment concept or children’s show originated or developed by CHF. The capital raised will be used to develop, produce and monetise the shows.

“The transparency of the investment process, and the clear line of sight on what the portfolio will contain, sets the CHF Media Fund apart from others”

(Allenbridge Report, 2018)


What can an investor expect from the CHF Media Fund?
What type of businesses do they invest in?
What makes this offer different?

The CHF Media Fund will invest in a selection of shows, both those in development and production.

The success of investee companies will derive from all revenue inflows relating to their intellectual property rights such as broadcasting, licensing and merchandising sales; the potential returns to Investors are not capped and so will be shared pro rata with other investors according to their respective shareholdings.

The CHF creative and commercial committee (the “CCC”) is at the heart of the CHF Media Fund and is key to its success. It is responsible for identifying prospective shows that not only offer excellent family entertainment but also offer the potential to generate significant commercial returns to Investors. For further information about the CCC, please click here.