Adrian Wilkins

Adrian Wilkins


Adrian is CEO of CHF Media Group and chairs the CCC.

He is one of the leading figures in fundraising for the UK animation industry and recently participated in a successful consultation with the UK government, which resulted in the introduction of the Creative Sector Tax Credits for animation shows or concepts. It is anticipated that the investee companies’ shows or concepts will all qualify for this government tax credit.

Adrian has over 28 years’ experience in advising investors, raising capital and structuring media investment funds and has an extensive understanding of EIS, SEIS and Venture Capital Trust tax products.

Adrian structured the EIS fundraise for the CHF pre-school show Pip Ahoy! which is airing on Channel 5’s Milkshake pre-school slot. He has also raised significant funds into CHF Media Group and into shows in development.

Nicola Johnston

Nicola Johnston


Nicola is Head of Finance and Director of CHF Enterprises.

She heads up the corporate finance arm of CHF Enterprises and manages its sales and investor relations team of industry professionals.

Her background is firmly rooted in the marketing of complex structured products for several international investment banks in the City and also in her previous career as a structured finance lawyer with Clifford Chance in London, Moscow and Rome.

Prior to CHF, she worked for Gen Re Financial Products Bank where she ran the sales teams for Italy, the UK and Scandinavia.

Nicola is also responsible for the promotion of the CHF Media Fund and for overseeing the relationship between the CCC, CHF Enterprises and the Manager.

Tony Garth

Tony Garth

Director of Development Projects

Tony is a Director of development projects.

Tony began his career in animation with the original Cosgrove Hall team as an animator on Dangermouse. While he was there, he created and developed their next series “Alias the Jester” before heading out into the world as a freelance artist.

Over the years, Tony has worked as an animator, designer, writer and director on many popular children’s series including: Henry’s Cat, The Beano Video, The Fiddley Foodle Bird, Poddington Peas, Spider! and Williams Wish Wellingtons. He also originated, designed, wrote and directed two of his own series: Little Monsters and Microscopic Milton which were broadcast on the BBC and the Disney Channel.

More recently, Tony has been involved with various universities as an animation lecturer covering a range of subjects including animation, character design and script writing as well as software training in Flash and Maya.

Tony returned to CHF in early 2016 and is currently working as part of the development team.


Vince James

Creative Producer

Vince is a Creative Producer.

Vince began his career in children’s animation over 30 years ago with the original Cosgrove Hall team as a storyboard artist on Dangermouse. He continued working with the team on countless Cosgrove Hall shows such as Count Duckula, Victor and Hugo and Avenger Penguins before setting up his own production studio.

At that time, Vince created, directed and produced several of his own series including 13 episodes of ‘Philbert the Frog’ for the BBC, 26 episodes of ‘Billy’ for ITV as well as three 30-minute specials, based on his own book, ‘My Favourite Monsters’ also for the BBC. Vince went on to direct 26 episodes of ‘Slim Pig’ for Children’s TV Workshop, the creators of Sesame Street.

Since starting out as a children’s animator, Vince has worked on over 40 different children’s series, storyboarding, designing and directing well known shows such as Bob the Builder, Rory the Racecar, Pingu, Dennis the Menace, Postman Pat, Muddle Earth and Engie Bengy which earned him two BAFTA nominations for both directing and Studio Production.

Over the last few years he has been directing and developing shows with Dreamworks TV, Amazon and Hensons in America whilst also storyboarding two shows, Doc Mc Stuffins and Henry Hugglemonster, for the Disney Jnr channel. Vince re-joined CHF in 2016 and is brings his wealth of knowledge and industry expertise to the development team.

Keith Hopwood

Keith Hopwood

Director of Music

Keith is Director of CHF Music.

A talented musician and composer, Keith was an original member of the 1960’s pop band Herman’s Hermits, which had many number-one hits in the US and the UK.

Keith has a long history with Cosgrove Hall having written the theme tune to the adaptation of The Wind in the Willows, which was released as a single in 1984. Keith also co-wrote the music for Cosgrove Hall’s adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s Soul Music and produced the music to the 1989 film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The BFG. Other Cosgrove Hall shows he composed for were Creepy Crawlies, Alias the Jester, Foxbusters, Andy Pandy, Discworld, and Albie as well as Pip Ahoy!

In 2004 he composed the music for the remake of Pingu for HIT Entertainment and started work on the Bob the Builder TV series, which was to last until production ceased in 2011.

In 2013 he formed a music rights company, CHF Music, with CHF to look after all the music content for their new shows and recently composed and recorded the theme tune for Pip Ahoy! sung by Stacey Solomon.

Helen Brown

Helen Brown


Helen is Director of Production at CHF Entertainment.

Helen has produced several award winning shows including ‘Bob the Builder, ‘Rory the Racing Car’, ‘Fifi & the Flowertots’ and ‘Pingu’, to name just a few and most recently, ‘Randy Cunningham the Ninth Grade Ninja’ for Disney XD.

Helen has worked across every stage of animation production and has a true appreciation for every process and role involved in producing high quality programming, enabling her to manage the personnel and pipeline as efficiently as possible. She was tasked with the implementation of CHF’s studio pipeline which has proven to be extremely efficient, successfully delivering CHF’s first production, ‘Pip Ahoy!’ on schedule and within budget.

Helen oversees the studio production of all CHF’s animated slate of shows or concepts.

Chris Fenna

Chris Fenna


Chris is the Creative Director of CHF Entertainment.

Chris has been in the animation industry for over 35 years and has extensive experience in all genres of animation, including traditional 2D, stop frame and high end CGI.

Chris started in the animation industry in 1980 under the tutelage of Animal Farm’s Harold Whittaker. Later, Chris joined Siriol Animation to animate Superted and went on to work on many other award winning series, specials and features. Chris then animated The Little Engine That Could and The legend of Lochnaghar in conjunction with Prince Charles. In 1995, Chris was Lead animator on the Emmy Award winning Moses and The Miracle Maker feature film. At this time, Chris was also working with Cosgrove Hall on a diverse range of award winning shows, both in 2D and stop frame, including Peter and the Wolf, Disc World, Foxbusters, Little Robots and Bill and Ben.

In 2003, Chris directed 26 half hour shows for the BBC, BB3B produced by Tweenies creators Tell-Tale. In 2005, Chris joined RealtimeUK, a high end CGI studio specialising in Games trailers as Creative Director. Chris worked on many AAA rated game titles from Motorstorm to Disneyland Adventures. A desire to move back into Children’s TV brought Chris Back to CHF in 2014 as Animation Director on Pip Ahoy! Chris is now Head of Studio and Directing Pip’s third series.

Jenny Johnstone

Jenny Johnstone

Commercial Director

Jenny is the Commercial Director for CHF Media Group.

Jenny has worked in the TV distribution and licensing industry for over 23 years. She has been responsible for bringing to retail some of the most globally successful entertainment properties including Power Rangers, World Wrestling Federation, Super Mario, James Bond, Digimon and Game of Thrones where she exclusively managed EMEA licensing rights on behalf of HBO (this was in her role as Business Development Director at LMI).

Her expertise in the children’s sector has seen her representing broadcast and licensing rights for some of the most widely recognised licensors and production companies including DHX Media, Ragdoll Productions, Freemantle, Fox Kids/Disney, Futurikon and Millimages.

In addition to her character and entertainment experience, she has worked with blue-chip brand owners such as Pepsi-Co and Budweiser to deliver brand extension programmes in both the UK and Europe.